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Welcome to the official fanclub for Elemental Tales (previously known as both "Atomic Tales" and "Periodic Table Chemikaze!"), my original series about personified elements of the periodic table! I'm BakerChemi, the creator of the series. :)

Elemental Tales is my original anime-style chemistry edutainment series. This series is about personified elements of the periodic table. They all live in a land called Atomic Acres, where they study together at a prestigious, state-of-the-art chemistry academy boarding school (they built the whole school themselves!). They go out in the world to explore the world of chemistry all around them, learn about their elemental properties, and experiment with their magical chemical powers.

Although this project is very fun, it's also a very hard and very long project to work on, too (there are 120 characters that will be in this series altogether (118 elements + 2 isotopes)! :faint: ) So I'm really going to need all the help, support, and motivation I can get to continue working on this project! :faint: I would really love to do something serious with this series a TV show, or merchandise....or something like that!

So please come and join this club if you meet any of the following criteria:

1. You love chemistry, or science in general
2. You love gijinka (personifications)
3. You love very multiracial/ethnic anime characters
4. You love humorous, cool, and cute-looking anime characters in general!

There are 43 Elemental Tales characters I've made so far. Click the thumbs below to see the pics and read the bios of all the characters. I'll slowly but steadily add more characters and more pages as the months and years go on.

Elemental Tales (Pg. 1 of 5) by BakerChemi

Elemental Tales (Pg. 2 of 5) by BakerChemi

Elemental Tales (Pg. 3 of 5) by BakerChemi

Elemental Tales (Pg. 4 of 5) by BakerChemi

Elemental Tales (Pg. 5 of 5) by BakerChemi


Upcoming characters (after Lithium):

Elemental Tales Lineart 3 by BakerChemi



Gallery Folders

Elemental Tales (Pedido) by Nataly2
Atomic Tales Oxygen by Chaoskun02
Request Art (39) by T-Time07
Atomic Tales Hydrogen by Chaoskun02
Changing Title to "Elemental Tales"
I'm Changing the Title Again, to Elemental Tales by BakerChemi
Official Character Sheets
Elemental Tales (Pg. 5 of 5) by BakerChemi
Elemental Tales (Pg. 4 of 5) by BakerChemi
Elemental Tales (Pg. 3 of 5) by BakerChemi
Elemental Tales (Pg. 2 of 5) by BakerChemi
Official Comics
Elemental Tales:  Comic 9 by BakerChemi
Elemental Tales:  Comic 8 by BakerChemi
Elemental Tales:  Comic 7 by BakerChemi
Elemental Tales:  Comic 6 by BakerChemi
Official Stories
Fanart -- Traditional Art
Chemikaze request by NoCtuRnAlSpArK
Hydrogen and Oxygen Request by 4eVerANIMEluv
commission: Indium,Hydrogen,Helium by Gabry-chan
For BakerChemi - Chemikaze Uranium. by Kiborg-Graph
Fanart -- Digital Art
Radon,Lawrencium,Lithium - Elemental Tales by ReizDrawing
Periodic Table Girls by Animefox52
redraw character : request by yantsa
Elemental Tales - Art Req 2 by juliematsu
Fanart -- Pixel Art
Atomic Tales: Palladium Animated by TakeshiOtacon
Atomic Tales: Osmium Animated by TakeshiOtacon
Atomic Tales: Neon Animated by TakeshiOtacon
PTC Krypton Animated by TakeshiOtacon
Fanart -- 3D Art
Gold + Silver by HannahNymous
Hydrogen + Oxygen by HannahNymous
Request - Palladium by Jellypeach


No Preview
Arts and Crafts
Cubeecraft Chemikaze! Tritium (T) by OliverFan2004
Cubeecraft Chemikaze! Tritium (3H) by OliverFan2004
Cubeecraft Chemikaze! Thallium by OliverFan2004
Cubeecraft Chemikaze! Iodine by OliverFan2004



Fanart & Fanfic Rules, and Detailed Character Info

 photo PTC_Chibi_Poster_zps1749e708.jpg
(Poster illustrated by VegaColors)

Everyone is welcome to draw fanart or write fanfics about the Elemental Tales characters, and submit them to this group! BUT, there are a few fanart and fanfic rules you need to know first if you want your work to be accepted to this club! Please click the following links below to read the rules:


This link below explains the physical details of some of my characters, so you understand better what these details are and how to draw them:…

If you have any questions about anything regarding any of the info I posted above, then just ask me! Thank you!
Hey, guys!  Comic 9 is finally done, so go check it out if you haven't already!

Elemental Tales:  Comic 9 by BakerChemi

And just as a reminder, I'm still looking for a new colorist for my character linearts.  Are you a digital colorist?  Do you color in a style similar to VegaColors' style?  (You can check all the colored character sheets to see what VegaColors' coloring style is like:… ).  And if yes to both of those questions, would you be interested in coloring my Elemental Tales characters?  If you're interested, then just reply to this journal.  Or, if you know any people who might be interested in doing this, then would you please pass on this journal to them, and ask them to reply here?  Thanks, I appreciate all your help!

Thanks again for your continued support, and see you later!

PTC Hydrogen Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Deuterium Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Tritium Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Helium Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Carbon Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Oxygen Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Calcium Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Gold Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Silver Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Indium Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Sulfur Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Bismuth Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Phosphorus Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Iodine Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Nitrogen Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Platinum Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Chlorine Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Mercury Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Argon Animated by TakeshiOtaconPTC Krypton Animated by TakeshiOtaconAtomic Tales: Neon Animated by TakeshiOtaconAtomic Tales: Osmium Animated by TakeshiOtaconAtomic Tales: Palladium Animated by TakeshiOtacon
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emily1000000 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
nice well my ask is can i post my ocs wiht elements too ??
BakerChemi Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Actually, this group is only for my element characters.  However, crossover pics are fine if you want to do that.  If you have element characters, and you'd like to draw them with my element characters, then that's fine.  All crossover pics go into the Favorites folder in this group.
emily1000000 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
okey thanks for the info
Nitrogen67 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016
nice group of chemical elements, I hope to entertain me with the story of his characters
VicP25 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015
Here's a useful tip for the Lanthanide characters when you come to design them: if you're struggling for colour for the characters of this element group, try using the colours of the ionic solutions of the metals. For example, if you want to design Praseodymium, you could add green and perhaps yellow, or for Samarium, you could add red and yellow based on the solution colours of samarium ions (Sm2+ ion solution is blood red and the Sm3+ ion solution is yellow to pale green). Here's a link to where I got the ideas from:…
The table showing the approximate colours of each lanthanide ion is in the 'Chemistry and Compounds' section.
I hope this helps when you eventually come to designing the Lanthanide characters.
BakerChemi Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Heh-heh, thanks for sharing your ideas.  Hmm, colors of the elements' ions in aqueous solution?  I dunno...I may think about it.  For each element character, I usually like using colors that the pure element produces, rather than colors that its compounds or ions in aqueous solution produce.  But LOL, I dunno....I may still keep this idea in the back of my head.  Again, thanks for sharing your ideas.
VicP25 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2015
The reason why I suggested it is because the lanthanides, I believe, are the most challenging group of elements to base characters on. I think Rubidiumbeaver, the one who designed the element beavers, did really well to include the lanthanides as he designed a beaver character for each element up to 98 (californium). I don't think the f block (the section of the periodic table containing the lanthanides and the actinides) is a very familiar part of the table to most people, other than uranium and plutonium. The lanthanides seem very unheard of by most people. 
Kiraki-chu Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Surprisingly I just finished my chemistry unit at school xD
BakerChemi Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool! :)
Kiraki-chu Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
We had to give a report about a random element that was given to us. I did lead
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